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Where Christ Illuminates Learning and Life

March 17, 2017

Welcome to the new CatholicSchools4U.org!

Catholic schools of the Diocese of Grand Rapids are an alliance of vibrant learning communities that inspire young people to grow in Catholic faith and grace, achieve more in school and life, develop creativity and character, and feel welcomed and cherished for their unique gifts.

In the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, where Christ illuminates learning and life, your child can…

  • grow in faith and grace

Our Catholic schools are devoted to helping students develop in every dimension of life—nurturing a relationship with Christ as the foundation for an inspiring program of academic study. National research shows that students who attend Catholic schools are more likely to practice their faith, consider a religious vocation, and be civically involved. Our students become community members who vote, give generously, and serve others.

  • achieve more in school and life

Our Catholic schools provide an outstanding personalized learning experience known to boost academics. Research shows that students who attend Catholic schools have higher test scores and are more likely to graduate from high school, earn scholarships, and attend college than their peers in other school types. Higher achievement opens new earning potential and opportunities over a lifetime.

  • develop creativity and character

Our Catholic schools invite participation in diverse activities that encourage exploration, creativity and the pursuit of personal potential. Championship-caliber athletics and visual, musical, dramatic and technological arts enrich and extend the classroom experience, connect students with differing strengths and interests, and provide inspiration and opportunities to excel.

  • feel welcomed and cherished

Our Catholic schools are welcoming communities where each student is honored and celebrated. Our mission is rooted in Christ, who calls us to value and love all people. Families of many faiths and cultures find strength and meaning in our schools. Families of all financial means do, too. Our stewardship and scholarship programs make Catholic education an affordable, attractive option for all who seek it.

Catholic school students are vital to the future of the Catholic Church. They are more likely than their peers to attend Mass, receive the sacraments, and practice their faith. When we choose Catholic schools, and when we support Catholic students, we form the future Catholic Church and build Christ’s kingdom on Earth.

Explore CatholicSchools4U.org to find the Catholic school closest to you and learn more about available scholarships.