Through athletics, Catholic United teams demonstrate our alliance

Through athletics, Catholic United teams demonstrate our alliance

This fall, football players in the Grand Rapids Area Catholic Elementary Athletic Council (GRACEAC) league were the latest to begin playing under the Catholic United model, bringing together athletes from different schools.

Catholic United teams were already in place for lacrosse, tennis, cross country, competitive cheer, and wrestling. In football, enough athletes participated to have teams from the east and west sides of the Grand Rapids area. Students from schools traditionally associated with Catholic Central High School played for Catholic United East, and students from schools traditionally associated with West Catholic played for Catholic United West. Similarly, the teams’ home games were played at the CAT or at Falcon Stadium, the facilities where Catholic Central and West Catholic play.

The Catholic United model allows students to meet new teammates (who may become their classmates in high school), further strengthens our alliance of Catholic schools, and demonstrates the unity of the Body of Christ.

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